Put yourself in my place

Ida Hansson & Milijana Babić

Depending on our social background, we attribute different values to artworks, but also to different behaviour patterns and to biological traits such as race, or sex. The consequence of this is always, inequality. Milijana Babić and Ida Hansson are two artists who developed their own methodologies for understanding differences in how society approaches art, through a specific continuous three weeks performance of swapping lives. By entering the life of the other, they did not play some kind of mimetic game, but brought their own personalities into a different context.

Read the full project introduction by Davor Mišković HERE

Ida driving from Milijana's home to Riejka city centre / Milijana driving from Ida's home to Umeå city centre

Kostrena beach outside of Rijeka / In front of Ida's house in Stöcksjö

Dinner at home with friends in Rijeka

Milijana's niece Nika painting Ida's nails /  Eating waffles with berries and cream with Ida's mum and Sven Ola

Dinner at home with friends in Umeå

Having a nap in Milijana's niece Dora's bed /  Ida's cat Kisse looking at Milijana

View from Milijana’s flat /  View from Ida’s house

Reinactment of Milijana’s action ‘’Working Day’’ by Ida in Rijeka city centre


"Working Day" by Milijana Babić originally took place in Rijeka city centre in 2011. During a whole day action the artist collected refundable packaging, wearing a T-shirt with the logo of the Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association (HZSU). The action ended in supermarket by exchanging the packaging for money. Milijana’s earning during eight hours work in springtime amounted to 26.5 KN / 3.5 €. Ida’s earning during four hours work in summertime amounted to 23 KN / 3 €.

Ida buying wine in supermarket / Milijana having fish and chips and alcohol free beer, 213 SEK / 24 €

Reinactment of Ida’s performance ‘’It’s a Sin’’ by Milijana at the Verkligheten Gallery in Umeå


Performance ‘’It´s a sin’’ by Ida Hansson was originally presented at the Bildmuséet in Umeå in 2011. The performance shows a female drag queen behind the stage, a woman who wants to feel like a man who wants to feel like a woman, expressing the frustration of not fitting in.

Enjoying Milijana's bathtub / Getting ready to go to town

Ida having a cappuccino in a café / Friend paying for beer in a pub in Umeå

Transcripts from dating site Iskrica for the period of July to October 2013. All virtual identities have been hidden.  

Dating Ida

Transcripts from dating site for the period of July to October 2013. All virtual identities have been hidden.  

Ida recording artists’ presentations in the Molekula venue, organized by the association Drugo more / Milijana having a break during a workshop at the museum of contemporary art, Bildmuséet

Sea in Rijeka harbour / Milijana picking blueberries

Harbour in Rijeka city centre / Umeå city centre five months before the opening of Culture Capital 2014

Conversations with psychotherapists