A growing collection of games from around Europe.







Artists: Simon Farid, Riccardo Spangulo, Miha Horvat, and Gianfranco Mirizzi

Co-produced by: Exodos Ljubljana, Drugo More, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, and ISIS Arts

Promoted by: Corners of Europe

Photo credits: the Four Artists, Michal Čerňanský, Tanja Kanazir

Four Corners artists are travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games.

They are recreating these games; trying to bring the gaming culture along with them and sharing found games, as they travel fromplace to place.

Some games are familiar; some are a little different, some are of pure invention, improbable and bizarre.

These games can be either a portrait of ourselves, something that shares commonalities between generations and cultures, or a reflection of the antagonisms in society.

While in each location, the Four Artists are learning new games to add to the playground, share the games already learnt elsewhere...

...and, with the help of local communities, invent new hybrid games.

The game collections are arranged in the Playground, a space temporarily set as a point of reference and encounter for specific game communities in the host city.

A Playground Mobile Unit (PMU) brings the collection of games out of the closed space of the playground, into the city and its diverse landscape.

A digital extension of Playground is being planned for the future.

Coming soon.