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Voiceover is a series of live radio broadcasts created in collaboration with groups and individuals in Croatia, Poland and the UK. Through workshops we gather, map and record stories that reflect personal experiences of social, environmental and industrial change: a nightshift in a factory in Gdansk; food parcels sent to striking miners in Blyth; a child’s tale of a secret den in Zagreb . . . . . 

Conversations, stories, readings, music and field recordings are archived in sound, image and film and later shared via our mobile broadcasting unit in cafes, bars, shopping centres, street corners, parks and community centres at each location.  

Dolne Miasto, Gdansk, Poland

Recording stories with local residents at Dzienny dom seniora Caritas.


Image: Bartosz Bańka

In the backyard, there was a factory. And it produced lots of sawdust. When the workers were gone, we would climb up through a window and jump from the first floor onto the sawdust. That was so cool! Then we were leaving the factory all covered in the sawdust. You had to clean yourself outside, or mum would get angry.

Jola's story

 Live radio broadcast from Zajezdnia Dolne Miasto cafe 

Image: Bartosz Bańka

Blackhall Colliery, England, UK

Collecting stories at the community centre

'The flight' would take the unwanted coal over the beach and dump it out at sea. As kids we would go to the beach to pick up the sea coal that washed back in. The beach was black, we never imagined that there could be sand underneath all that black dust.

Barbara’s story

Live radio broadcast from Blackhall Community Centre

Image: Richard Kenworthy

Trnje, Zagreb, Croatia

Listening to stories from local people at Društvo za športsku rekreaciju Staro Trnje

When we were kids we would have dens in every bush in the neighbourhood. The best hiding place was in Pračanska Street. It was extraordinary because the plants were so high they formed a small cave. Two brothers from the neighbourhood found it and we used to drink there during the summer. 

Live radio broadcast from the banks of the river Sava 

Image: Nina Klarić and Siniša Koprivnjak

Blyth, Northumberland, England

Sharing memories of local places

I remember the strike of 84 - we were out for over a year. Friends and family were very kind to us - gave us food parcels and stuff, but it was hard, very hard. The cold in the winter was terrible - we burnt anything we could find to keep warm. 

Jack's story

Live radio broadcast from Keel Row shopping centre 

Voiceover was co-produced by ISIS Arts, Newcastle, UK, POGON, Zagreb, Croatia and Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, Gdansk, Poland.

Presented in Blyth, UK (May 2016), Zagreb, Croatia (June 2016), Gdansk, Poland (May 2017) and Blackhall Colliery, UK (Sept 2017).

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us.

Dzienny dom seniora Caritas

Opowiadacze Historii

Centrum Profilaktyki Środowiskowej Reduta Mrowisko

Danusia Płuzińska

Jacek Górski

Blackhall Community Centre

Alison Paterson

Michelle Harland

Društvo za športsku rekreaciju Staro Trnje

Krešimir Končić

Blyth public library

John Stenman

Felton Lonnen was sung by Jacqui Clark

Thank you to Dominic Smith and Matt Pickering for building this story.