Michael Hanna (NI), Asier Zabaleta (Spain) and Valeria Simone (Italy)

Windows is an exciting piece of participatory outdoor theatre. To date residents in Haninge (Sweden) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) have had the opportunity to develop and publicly answer a series of questions on a range of topics from personal to global issues. 

As part of Windows residents are given coloured lights to display their answers from the windows of their homes, expressing themselves and sharing their views in a highly visible way.  

Windows artists work with local residents as part of CORNERS over a two-week period, discussing local and global issues that are important to them. It culminates in a live event, which is a combination of live participatory action, street theatre, dance and video.

During the event, some local residents and visitors answer the questions that have been devised by displaying red and green lights from their apartment windows, others participate by stepping into pools of light projected into the square below. Dance, theatre and film from other countries the project has toured to are woven into this final event.


Green Light for Yes

Red Light for No 

How to Participate Online

You can participate in Windows by scrolling down and answering the questions, using the Twitter hashtags for each different answer. Click on the dialogue boxes in the Twitter feeds to send you responses. Answer GREEN for Yes and RED for No.


Do you feel safe?

Do you think men and women have equal opportunities?

Is there life after death?

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Do you feel represented by politicians?

Do you have a secret?

Do you think this is a good place for future generations?

Do you think your country should allow more Refugees?

Are you happy?

Should taxes be higher?

Would you like to be famous?

Have you answered all of these questions honestly?