Oh My Home – Lost and Found

Lalya Gaye, Saadia Hussain, Ixone Ormaetxe

Oh My Home - Lost and Found is a public space installation, series of participative activities and performances that address the notion of “home” from a broad perspective: the domestic, the migrant and the contested.

Borders and belonging, identity and rejection, struggle and intimacy, roots and mobility.

Making home. Reclaiming home. Loosing and finding home.

Composed of familiar elements that remind of a diversity of these experiences, the piece invites the public to reclaim public space as a meeting point to approach “home” from a geographical, political and philosophical perspective.

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This project is developed within Corners, a European project that aims to connect places at the edges of Europe through artistic collaborations and networks as well as expeditions across Europe.


We the artists met and started working together during Xpeditions in San Sebastian in the Basque Country, Belfast in Northern Ireland, and Puglia in Italy. Each expedition shaped and refined the aims and objectives of the project.

Home(less)ness - What Is 'Home'?

San Sebastian, Basque Country

The first expedition took us to San Sebastian in the Basque Country. A visit at a local homeless shelter sparked an interest in the topic of 'home', which became central to this project.


What is home? What different meanings does home have for different people? What is private and public and where do these notions overlap?

Borders - Home As A Contested Place

Northern Ireland, UK

Northern Ireland - where the notion of 'home as a contested space' is very present. Walls erected to separate communities within the same city, sometimes on the same street, but also zones of interfacing where these communities meet and shape a new definition of belonging together. 


Where does one's feeling of home start and when does it end? What are the interfaces and borders between one's home and someone else's? What happens when this space is contested, when it becomes exclusive and gets claimed by different people?


In conjunction with the expeditions during which we researched the topic of home, we engaged in several activities to define the production of the project: brainstorming sessions, public space interventions and workshops with local communities.

Defining The Project


In Northern Ireland, we defined the topic and goal of the project.


In Puglia, Italy, we outlined the aesthetics and structure of the installation and performance.

Testing Out

Prototyping and workshoping the installation and participatory activities in Blyth, UK, at the Briardale Centre, in collaboration with Bait and the Angelou Centre's 'BAM! Sistahood' project.

Prototyping the installation at Briardale Community Centre in Blyth.


Oh My Home - Lost & Found is touring across Europe between 2015 and 2017.

Haninge, Sweden

In May 2015, the project premiered at the Corners Haninge Festival outside Stockholm, Sweden, with a public space installation, and series of participative activities and performances.


The public space installation consisted of three-dimensional structures made of "Barbès" bags, scattered across a passage outside a commuter train station in Haninge. The bags contained soil, sounds of domestic activities, as well as dynamic lights.


The domestic, the private, and the migrant inhabiting and reclaiming a public space of passage and mobility.


Next to the bags, a customised caravan hosted workshops and drop-in activities for local communities and by-passers.

The bags and the caravan were connected by a network of stencilled and taped lines on the walls and the ground. The lines represented borders and connections, as well as claimed areas of the plaza as a 'home' for the project.


At night, a projection mapping of a beating heart on the caravan created an organic light-based experience of 'home' together with the lights in the bags.


Representations of the artists engaging in mundane domestic activities were glued on walls across the plaza at the intersection of connecting lines. Shadows of the artists in anticipation for their daily performances.

Activities With The Public

Activities that engaged the general public included cooking lunch for the local street cleaners, workshops with local communities about their sense of home, and drop-ins painting sessions where by-passers could paint numerical representations of their personal connection to home on the caravan.

Street cleaners eating lunch at CORNERS Haninge.

Dokufest in Prizren, Kosovo

The next incarnation of the project will be at Dokufest 2015 in Prizren, Kosovo, in August 2015. The project will evolve to echo this specific context.


Kosovo is a country of strong emigration from which a massive exodus originated in the 1990's. Many left carrying "Barbès" bags with them. 


The theme of this year's festival is 'Migration'. 

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

In October 2015, the project will come back to one of the locations from which it was born: Belfast, Northern Ireland.